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A box of sweets sends a message to somebody you appreciate. Your recipient will enjoy this wide assortment of treats, both sweet and savory. From chocolates to dates, this gift hamper has a lot to offer.

This Hamper Includes: 

  • Damas Sweets Bakhlawa Large Gift Box
  • Safawi Madianah Dates
  • Gulsan Pomegranate Marmalade / Lemon Marmalade / Blueberry Marmalade, 325g
  • Raya Chocolate Cookies
  • Panam Coconut Cookies
  • Beryl's Assorted Almond, Hazelnut & Raisin Coated With Milk Chocolate, 450g
  • Daiana Coffee Break Mocha Choco Rolls, 108g
  • Turkish Delight - Pomegranate Tatli / Pistachio Tatli / Hazelnut Tatli,400g
  • Coklat swiss gold bar 6pcs
  • Fresjus Sparkling Juice - Red Grape & Peach / White Grape & Mango, 750ml
  • Radiant Organic Pitted Prunes, 250g
  • Mums Bake Cookies, 150g
  • JC Harvest Raspberry Butter Cookies, 130g
  • Gift Hampers Malaysia Premium Gift Basket
  • Complimentary Message Card

Ideal for:
Corporate Gift, Festival Gift, House Warming Gift, Thank you, Celebration

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