Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the expected time to have my gift hampers delivered?

A: We are committed to provide free delivery service to areas within Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang, Sabah, Perak, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Selangormost. 

You can always track your order by contacting our customer service team at 012 372 6638. Alternatively, you can send us an email at


Q: Can I request my gift hamper delivered at a specific time?

A: We do not offer specific time delivery for hamper orders. For other requests regarding delivery time preference, you may contact us via our Customer Service Hotline at 012 372 6638. 


Q: Can I have my gift hamper delivered on the same day?

A: We offer free same day delivery service on orders placed before 12pm to areas within Kuala Lumpur and Ampang. If traffic or any other conditions that causes a delivery delay, our customer service representative will get in touch with you so that you can make alternative plans.


Q: What should I do if I provide incorrect delivery information?

A: We appreciate you to double check your delivery details when you place an order online. Gift Hampers Malaysia will not be responsible for deliveries that fail for any of the following reasons: 

- The recipient was not available to receive the gift within the designated time frame

- Incorrect delivery address was provided 

- There is lack of information to complete delivery at the desired address

- We were unable to reach the recipient with the contact phone number provided

If at any point you find out that you have provided us with an incorrect contact or delivery details, please contact us as soon as possible at 012 372 6638.

If you fail to get in touch with us within 48 hours of delivery, there is a chance that your order will not be sent out on the designated date. Your gift hamper may be rescheduled for delivery at an additional delivery charges.


Q: What will happen to my gift if there are traffic conditions or severe weather?

A: In situation like this, we will postpone the dispatch of your order until the conditions are cleared and redeliver the gift within 24 hours at no additional delivery charge. 


Q: If my gift contains perishable goods, are they still deliverable?

A: Some of our gift baskets contain perishable items. The quality of the products could be influenced if the recipient is lack of availability. Purchaser will be required to pay for the delivery fee if wish to deliver the hamper on the same or next working day. 


Q: How do I know if my order is delivered?

A: You can always track your order by reaching our Customer Service staff at 012 372 6638.


Q: Do you deliver orders on weekends and holidays?

A: We do deliver during weekends and holidays if your order has been pre-ordered online. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept same day delivery orders for weekends and holidays including Christmas Day, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. 


Q: In what areas of Malaysia does Gift Hampers Malaysia deliver?

A: We offer delivery services to Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang, Sabah, Perak, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor.


Q: Is it possible to deliver a gift hamper to a specific area at a specific time?

A: At this time, we do not offer specific time deliveries. Please contact our customer service representative at 012 372 6638 if you have any request or concern.


Q: If I would like my gift hamper to be delivered on public holidays (including Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc.), what should I do?

A: You can place your order online before the first day (before 4 p.m.) of the public holiday. Otherwise, your orders will be delivered after the public holiday.