Mid-Autumn Festival Hampers

 Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated worldwide by ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese people on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on which there is a full moon at night. As will all long standing traditions, there are many myths, tales and legends about the origins of this holiday. Some believe that a celebration was held to worship the Mountain Gods to give thanks for a good year of harvest, whilst others believe that the harvesting was in itself a commemoration to the dragon who brought rain for the crops. Either way, the traditions and legends of the festival are based on three fundamental concepts: to gather, give thanks and to pray. The full moon which appears on the night of the Mid-Autumn festival is said to be the brightest and roundest which symbolizes a reunion of friends and family.


Gifting to friends and family during the Mid-Autumn festival is a very popular tradition with mooncakes being a hallmark of this festival. According to Chinese cultures, the round shape of mooncakes are a symbolism of completeness and reunion. Traditionally, mooncakes are divided into several pieces and distributed to each member of the family to signify family reunion. It is a modern practice to gift baskets of mooncakes and fresh fruit to family and friends to express best wishes to others.


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