5 Gift Hampers that Every New Mom Loves

Posted on April 24 2020

Mother’s Day is a celebration of all mother’s love, and the appreciation we all have for her efforts and dedication. For new mums, the very first Mother’s Day must be extra special, as the first year getting into the routine of looking after a baby can be a lot of hard work and requires continuous learning.

It does beg the question though… what gifts would a new mum want on her very first Mother's Day? Typical gifts usually include flowers and chocolates, and although these will serve as nice gifts for the new mother, more thought could be put into what they would need at this very moment and time.


Mother’s Day Gift Guide for All New Moms

Getting gifts for new mums after the birth of their baby could be a little tricky. Is the focus on the celebration of the new baby or is it solely on the mother? Our solution would be… why not both?

At this stage where the baby is still so small, baby hampers are the best choices for new mums. Not only will the hampers contain a lot of items for the baby, it saves the mum a lot of money and trouble finding high quality products for her little one. Looking out for the baby is in fact a great helping hand for the mother. Baby hampers are very thoughtful first Mother's Day gifts and will certainly give the new mum a peace of mind.


Why choose Gift Hampers Malaysia?

If you’re looking for the finest quality products for your friend, family member, or wife’s first Mother’s Day, look no further than Gift Hampers Malaysia. We have got a wide range of baby hampers to choose from, all of which make fantastic new mum gifts. Our experts know just what a new mum would need and have packed together some amazing products for babies. We offer great customer service and free hamper delivery to all metropolitan areas in Malaysia.


Our top five baby gift hampers

Here are some baby hampers that the mum is sure to love:

  1. Keep your baby clean with a hint of Disney magic! In CLEANSING ESSENTIAL GIFT BASKET (Price: RM211.00 MYR), you will find a set of 3 Disney Face Towels, 2 Anakku Baby Feeding Bottles, Anakku Extra Mild Baby Lotion, Anakku Extra Mild Baby Shampoo, Anakku Extra Mild Baby Bath and Anakku Extra Mild Baby Talc.
  2. Let your baby get a good night’s sleep after being bathed and pampered with an extensive range of Anakku baby products in TEDDY AND ME (Price: RM299.00 MYR). Your baby can snuggle up happily with the adorable Large Plush Teddy Bear and sleep soundly upon the BabyLove Pillow. There is also a Pureen Milk Powder Container in case your baby gets hungry in the middle of the night.
  3. If mum’s new baby is a little boy, NEWBORN BABY BOY GIFT SET (Price: RM449.00 MYR) is the perfect hamper for her. Alongside Anakku’s wide variety of baby products, she can also enjoy the Lil'soft Baby Boy Gift Set and BabyLove Pillow to keep her little one happy.
  4. You will find just about everything you need in this ORGANIC GIFT SET FOR BABY BOY (Price: RM325.00 MYR). Here you will get diapers, Pureen Milk Powder Container, Pureen Baby Wipes, Nany Feeding Bottle Set, Anakku’s shampoo, baby bath, lotion and talc, Disney Face Towels and a Large Plush Teddy Bear.
  5. Spoil the mum this Mother’s Day with all her dream baby products in this DREAM GIFT FOR NEWBORN BABY (Price: RM599.00 MYR). Teddy, pillow, clothes, milk powder container, feeding bottles, Johnson’s bathing products and Disney Face Towels… what more could a new mum ask for?

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