Perfect Corporate Gifts for Mid-Autumn Festival

Posted on August 01 2017

When you work in a corporate setting, you may find yourself sending gifts to co-workers and other employees in your industry. Trying to find that perfect present for colleagues can be difficult, but understanding the traditions and gift giving norms of the festival will help you select the right corporate gift.

What is the Mid-Autumn Festival?

The Mid-Autumn Festival incorporates three essential elements: gathering, giving thanks, and asking for a positive future. While many features of the Mid-Autumn Festival have changed over time, much of the current festivities are at least geared toward these traditions.

Much of the Mid-Autumn Festival is related to ceremonies related to the moon. The ancient Chinese would observe the moon and build a relationship with it as it changed over the seasons. The moon became close in association with the agricultural industry, leading to the Mid-Autumn Festival as a time to honor the beautiful orb in the sky.

Many of the symbols associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival are round, which is a shape that represents the bringing together of family. It symbolizes reunion. This will be a common theme found in gifts and traditions associated with the festival.

Ultimately, Mid-Autumn is all about giving thanks for all the good fortune of the previous year and then wishing and praying for more good fortune in the year to come. It is about reuniting with loved ones and coming together to celebrate good fortune.

How to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in Malaysia

Malaysia celebration of Mid-Autumn includes many traditions, from eating delicious mooncakes to spending time gazing at the beautiful moon in the sky. Many people buy or make lanterns and parade around town. Some groups put on dances with lion or dragon figures. There are numerous ways to celebrate.

Feasting on certain foods is also typical of Mid-Autumn. This is why so many of the best gifts for the festival are food or food-related. Fruit, mooncakes, and crab are among the most popular presents.

There really is no wrong way to celebrate these festivities, and customs may differ from one part of Malaysia to another. No matter the case, gift giving is common practice, even to some extent within corporate culture.

Corporate Gifts for the Mid-Autumn Festival

There is not a fine line between corporate and family gifts during the festival events. These tips will help you find a corporate gift that works for any workplace:

  • Mooncakes are always highly appreciated as Mid-Autumn presents. Younger people tend to love the more modern options, which include ingredients like green tea, ice cream, and chocolate.
  • Tea is a fantastic gift, especially alongside mooncakes. Floral and oolong teas are highly recommended to be sipped alongside these treats, so they are the perfect gifts.
  • Seasonal fruit is perfect as a gift for any time of the year. In fact, giving a gift of fruit demonstrates that you care about those you work with because it is a gift associated with great health.
  • Group gifts are acceptable for the festival, which makes the gift hamper a popular option.


Gift Ideas We Love

Selecting a corporate present for the office can be hard with so many options. We highly recommend fruit hampers like these for the entire office. You simply cannot go wrong with fresh fruit during the festival season.


We love the Traditional Mid-Autumn Basket, which features a selection of fruit that appeals to the entire office. Fruits include kiwis, oranges, plums, honeydew, pineapple, grapes, nectarines, and more.


The Classic Mid-Autumn Fruit Hamper is a corporate favorite because of its fresh assortment of delicious fruits. The hamper includes kiwis, grapes, pomelo, dragon fruit, pineapple, pears, and more.


The Gold Blossom Fruit Hamper is another crowd pleaser featuring a unique assortment of fruits. The hamper contains honeydew melons, dragon fruit, mini watermelon, blueberries, nectarines, kiwis, and much more.


Finally, we recommend the Festive Mid-Autumn Fruit Hamper. This gift arrives in a traditional weave basket with an arrangement of delicious fruits. From mangoes and pineapple to mini watermelon and nectarines, this basket leaves nothing to be desired.


There is no lack of corporate gifts available for the Mid-Autumn Festival. With our selection of high-quality items and fresh fruit, you will have no problem choosing the corporate gift that will appeal to everybody and anybody in your office.


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