Wellness Hampers Introduction 2018

Posted on March 09 2018

Swamped by duties? Feeling a little under the weather? With the Lunar New Year slowly disappearing from the limelight and its festive spirit wearing off, we are suddenly being thrown back into our hectic daily routines. So, theres no wonder we all need a little pick-me-up to veer us in the right direction.

Thats where this years Wellness Hampers step in. The perfect combination of nutritious goodies packed in a uniquely decorated basket and accompanied with a complimentary message card, they are ideal gifts to show those very important people just how much you truly care. Among all the different styles and products to choose from, we would highly recommend the following:

Secret of Longevity

Throughout ancient times, longevity has always been labelled as a long-sought-after blessing. People have been on countless quests to search for the best medical cures and the legendary elixir to prolonging life. Fast forward to this century and we shall find that not all that much has changed of this perspective. What could be better than sending a loved one a thoughtful gift that promotes a long and healthy, virtuous life? This selection of treats includes all the nourishing delicacies: essence of chicken, birds nest and ginseng slices, carefully placed in a brown Gift Hampers Malaysia Signature Basket. Price: 363.00 MYR.

Serenity Cart

Healthy mind, healthy body. We know too well that this time of the year can be incredibly stressful; there are plans to be made, people to visit and many, many gifts to buy. And thats why were proud to present this exquisite gift hamper to you. Tone down the hustle and bustle with this beautiful Gift Hampers Malaysia Traditional Gift Basket, containing all the essentials you or anyone you care about ever need to rewind. Kick back and relax with a bottle of Yomeishu, some seasonal fruits and longan with wolfberry and rock sugar bird's nest. Price: 469.00 MYR


Lets face it. The majority of us are guilty of having tendencies to overthink and complicate things. What would Uncle like best? Perhaps Auntie prefers a different colour to this candle? In this day and age, there are so many trains of thought occupying our minds that sometimes we need to slow down, stop, and listen to your body. The Simplicity Gift Hamper offers us the opportunity to go back to basics. The sturdy wire basket may seem, well, simple, but it includes all the items you need to ensure that anyone who receives it will be well looked after. The collection of Yomeishu, ginseng bird's nest with white fungus and rock sugar and essence of chicken will simply give the best gift of all; a boost of vitality to anyone who needs it most. Price: 499.00 MYR

Sweet Bee

Bring some good old-fashioned sweetness to the lives of others this season with this delightful wellness hamper, piled from top to bottom with natural goodness that will not disappoint. An absolute dream for the sweet-toothed, this hamper contains a jar of four fruit marmalade, a jar of iron/stringy bark honey, biscotti in almond chocolate and hazelnut flavour, as well as the beloved essence of chicken. You can choose from a white or a brown Gift Hampers Singapore Signature Basket to carry it all. Price: 349.00 MYR

They say that the greatest gift is health. Instead of splashing out on the hottest items and things most people probably wont need, why not deliver a warming Wellness Hamper to your loved ones doorstep? Of course, apart from the ones we have mentioned here, there are many more Wellness Hampers to choose from, all handpicked and packed to suit your preference! Feel free to browse around; youre sure to find one that appeals to you.

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