Lazy is good!

Posted on August 10 2018

Everyone needs and deserves a good lie-in now and again. What better way than to spend one full day away from your hectic schedule doing absolutely nothing?

Believe it or not, you can. Introducing Lazy Day, a festival perfect for such activities or lack of. Sitting happily on August 10th of every year, this day provides a guilt-free way for you to unplug from your phone and internet, to kick back, relax, indulge in some much needed me-time, and enjoy your personal space without worrying about interruptions or meeting deadlines.

Unlike other celebrations and rituals conducted by other festivals, this one, well, doesnt have any. You simply drop everything, forget work, ignore chores, stop organizing, managing or hustling and bustling, and just rest for an entire day.

Understandably, some of us may have become too familiar with our busy lifestyles, and we may find it rather strange or even difficult to adjust our routines, even for just one day. Some of us may not feel comfortable or used to the idea of being lazy, but, let us reassure you: we all need to be sometimes. Constant work and worry will gradually put a big strain on us, which in turn will cause our performance in all areas to deteriorate. Whats more is that we could become so stressed out, it may have a permanent effect on our general health and mental well-being. So, dont be afraid to stop the clock, catch your breath and create some peace and quiet for yourself. 

You can celebrate Lazy Day by doing what best helps you de-stress. Here are 5 things you can try out to help relieve the tension in your body and mind.

1. Watch something light-hearted

If you dont feel like getting up off the sofa today, dont. Sit and watch something on TV or on your computer that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Comedies are the best because when you laugh, it is scientifically proven that your levels of stress hormones will decrease. Being positive can also help increase good cholesterol, and is generally good for your heart.

2. Get a good sleep

When we feel sluggish, more often than not, it is because were not getting enough of our forty winks. A good nights sleep is not always possible for those who are stressed and worried, and that in turn could have detrimental effects on your health, which also contributes to your stress. Let your mind rest as you close your eyes and let yourself drift off into a peaceful dream. Your body will thank you for it.

3. Pamper yourself

We usually make a lot of excuses when it comes to taking time out to look after our tired bodies, so on Lazy Day, were going to attend to ourselves, and listen to what our body wants. Does it want a makeover? Perhaps a relaxing massage? Or does it simply desire a nice warm bath to relieve muscle tension? Allow yourself to indulge in the simple pleasures on this special occasion.

4. Unplug

In our technology-focused society, we can feel quite lost without the internet and our devices. After all, these are the things we need to connect with others, be it our family, friends, work or the rest of the world. However, these are also things that make us think and cause anxiety. On Lazy Day, you are permitted to unplug. Just make sure you let your loved ones know first so they wont worry that youre missing!

5. Go for a walk

Walking or any light exercise helps your body release mood-enhancing chemicals called endorphins. These will not only make you feel good about yourself, but the exercise itself is beneficial to your heart. So, dont hesitate to go out for a pleasant walk every now and again.

That is, if you dont find that too much of a hassle, of course!

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