Birthday Hampers Ideas 2018

Posted on July 18 2018

Going to birthday celebrations, dinners and parties are always fun. They are usually a ball of energy and entertainment; the mingling, the chatter, the meeting of nice people, and most importantly, the food.

When it comes to friends and colleagues birthdays, delivering a good gift is essential. It doesnt necessarily have to involve a luxurious item or the latest gadget although either may prove to be very agreeable gifts indeed! but rather it is important to show that you care. You care enough to put time and effort into finding a gift that attends to their needs.

But for most of us, figuring out what to get for that special birthday boy or girl is an absolute nightmare. Questions fog our minds and we torture ourselves with doubt and indecisiveness. What do they actually want? Is this something they need? What if they preferred the other one? What if?

On top of that, we are constantly held back by our busy schedule and time constraints, so being able to come out and purchase that perfect gift is becoming less and less of an easy task and more like a chore. Thats where we come in to help. Since good food and nutrition are a vital component of a fantastic birthday, weve put together some gourmet hampers that are tailored for the occasion. Here are three hampers we highly recommend for three different situations:

Something Different

If your friend has a little sweet-tooth and enjoys a variety of goodies, then youre looking at the right place. Weve got English Tea Shop Organic Black Spiced Tea, Mum's Bake Apple Cookies, Oglivie & Co Sugar & Spice Shortbread Biscuits, Oglivie & Co Cheese Nibbles, Tea Break Snack House Handmade Cookies in Jar, Beryl's Assortment Milk Chocolate, Daiana Almond Dark Chocolate, Love Earth Natural Walnut and Beryl's Milk Chocolate Coconut Rolls packed in an exquisite gift basket. Perfect for a little snack now and again while keeping an eye on the scales. Price: 280.00 MYR

Best Friends

Ideal for a celebration with your BFF. A variety of savoury and sweet items awaits the special guy / girl within the realms of this premium gift basket. This hamper includes a wide variety of items; Premier Salute Raspberry & Mix Flavour Carbonated Drink, Soon Thye Hang 8's Japanese Dried Scallop, Dato' Cookies Kitchen Premium Homemade Cranberry Almond Cookies, Love Earth Natural Walnut, Bontea Signature Jasmine Green Tea, Dareo Almond Milk Chocolate and Tea Break Snack House Handmade Mini Lens Chocolate Cookies in Jar. Always the best pick for your closest friends. Price: 399.00 MYR

Home Office

If you have a busy friend who works from home, this gift is your ultimate choice. Being stuck at home for work, treats are a must to keep the chin up and the motivation going. The ideal home office should be packed with savoury treats, as shown in this gorgeous hamper: Radiant Organic Pitted Prunes, KonJac Seaweed Brown Rice Roll, Health Paradise Organic Dried Mixed Fruit Nuts, Earth Organic Sprouted Corn Flakes, Earth Organic Sundried Green Raisin, HeihWang Organic Soyabean Powder, Zheng-Zhe Rock Salt Soda Cracker, Mount Hagen Organic Arabica Coffee Powder, Love Earth Organic Dried Whole Cranberries, Port Willunga Fruit & Nut and English Tea Shop Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea. Price: 589.00 MYR

Whether its a big party in the city or a quiet friends dinner, birthdays should be an enjoyable experience. Leave the stress of getting a present with us, and youre sure to have a phenomenal time.

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