5 Best Health and Wellness Gift Baskets

Posted on November 23 2017

With so many people wanting to stay healthy nowadays, especially when the holidays are fast approaching, healthy gift baskets have become incredibly popular holiday gifts.

Giving gift baskets to your friends and loved ones is a wonderful and generous thing to do (for any occasion); however, it’s important to remember that what you give can impact the health of the person you’re giving the gift basket to. Choose healthy for a change and help your loved ones live life to the fullest.

Tips for a Healthier Hamper

  1. Choose products that have low-salt as much as possible. There are a lot of canned goods such as soups, vegetables, and crackers that have low-salt varieties.
  2. Go for products that are low in sugar especially for cookies, granola bars, and cereals. Choose 100% fruit juices over fruit cocktails and fruit punches as much as possible. For canned fruit, it’s best to choose those that have light syrup (or the fruit’s own juice) instead of heavy syrup.
  3. Choose options that have lower fat percentage whenever possible. Go for canned fish that are packed in water instead of oil, low-fat peanut butter spread, and low-fat cookies and other desserts.

What Products Go Well Together

Gift baskets are all about variety. There are really no products that don’t go well together especially in healthy gift baskets (as long as all the products are health-beneficial).Typical healthy gift baskets often include fruits, nuts, granola bars, crackers, meat, canned goods, fruit juice, tea, and wine. No matter the products included, your loved ones will definitely love the different types of products included in your healthy gift basket.

5 Healthy Gift Baskets We Love

We all want to wish our loved ones happiness and health, sending them a healthy gift basket is the way to go. Choosing the perfect healthy gift basket to send to your loved ones can get really tricky because of the many options out there. Don’t worry! We got you covered. Here are 5 of our most popular healthy gift baskets you can choose from.

The Serenity Cart is the perfect gift hamper to give to somebody you care about. This traditional gift basket includes treats that are suited for wellness and is ideal for festivals, holidays, or other special occasions.

The Gold Blossom Fruit Hamper is another crowd favourite. This gift basket helps you wish happiness and health to your friends and family this Mid-autumn because of its fresh season fruit - a perfect gift to share with your loved ones!

We absolutely love the Best Wishes Hamper, because it can share your love of wellness for your loved ones. This gift hamper, which arrives in a lovely basket, helps you share your hope for a long, healthy future and is ideal for any holiday, festival, or other celebration.

Share a gift of health and wellness with the Healthy Delight gift hamper. This present arrives in a lovely gift basket and offers a variety of products that are perfect for your loved ones. From ginseng soup to apple vinegar, the products included are high-quality and beneficial.

Lastly, we highly recommend the Blossom Bird's Nest Special. This wellness hamper is filled with the Yu Xiang Yan's Bird's Nest Limited Edition and two packs of essence of chicken which is a perfect thank you gift or get well gift to send to your loved ones.

Send your gift of happiness and health to your loved ones with the healthy gift basket of your choice. With our selection of high-quality and beneficial products, you can never go wrong with giving a healthy fruit basket to those you love.

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