The Power of High Five

Posted on April 19 2018

In this day and age, there is more competition than ever before.

Whether youre having exams at school, aiming to reach a deadline at work or hustling away at something in life, there is always an urgency to better oneself. Within us all is a constant rush of energy and pulsing desire to work hard and strive towards a goal. We frequently feel pressure from others, from the demands of society, or even from ourselves to push past our own limits. When we fail to do so, we feel let down and disappointed in ourselves.

On High Five Day, we are cheerfully reminded to give ourselves a break, to let go of our inner competitiveness and to learn to relax.

High-fives were said to have first came about in the late 1970s. Stories differ on whoever was the first to have started this trend, but all pointed at the distinct reasoning that the high-five was a symbol of victory, good sportsmanship, and gratitude towards the fellow high-fiver. The simple hand gesture two people raising a single hand each and clapping their hands together with the flat of their palms was seen as a form of encouragement and diplomacy, especially in sports. Other triumphant gestures came about, such as fist and chest bumps, but the high-five remains the most traditional and universally recognized.

The unique use of high-fives became even more ubiquitous after High Five Day was brought about. Celebrated on the third Thursday of April every year, this lovely little holiday was first started back in 2002 at the University of Virginia by a group of students. They set up a stand within their campus and gave out high-fives and lemonade. The day served as a reminder that even the most minor successes in our lives, the little remarkable events that occur deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

The idea gradually became popular. In the years that followed, people, both old and young, and from different backgrounds celebrated this special day by giving high-fives to whoever that crossed their path; family, friends, peers, colleagues and strangers.

Benefits of High-five

1. A simple high-five can do wonders for offering much needed encouragement and support to a person, especially prior to a competition or a nerve-racking event. Studies have shown that this can greatly boost team spirit, and the individuals will more likely succeed in the up-coming battle.

2. Everyone wants to be part of the team or included in some way. Feeling left out or isolated is an undesirable for most. Thats how a high-five can help. It lets people know that they are very much welcomed into the group and that you look forward to spending time with them. This is particularly useful in group projects or any other scenario where you need to work with others.

3. High-fives are mainly friendly gestures that can instantly cheer people up. The contact itself gives people a pleasant, feel-good vibe, and it can greatly help relieve any tension or awkwardness lying about.

Among all the hustle and bustle in society, it is desirable to display some nice and approachable body language sometimes. Not only will it be the perfect start to breaking the ice, it will also aid us all in connecting with one another a little bit better. So, feel free to let loose, go out and celebrate this joyful little day!

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