How much do you know about International Kissing Day?

Posted on July 05 2018

If youve never heard of this unusual festival before, get ready to apply that lip balm and pucker up, because were here to give you the low-down on what International Kissing Day is all about!


Established in 2006, this special day focuses mainly on the importance of kissing in our daily lives. Lets be honest: whats not to love about a good kiss? Whether its a quick and simple peck on the cheek with friends and acquaintances, a sweet greeting to your mother, or a fiery, passionate kiss shared between lovers, a good kiss is an overall enjoyable and heart-warming activity for everyone.


Kissing has played an important role throughout our lives. As babies, we get kisses from our parents and family, friends and relatives, and even a few enthusiastic neighbours and acquaintances. Young children are most likely on the receiving end of a kiss from their parents and grandparents, but this form of bonding and affection gradually fizzles out as they become older. Adolescents and young adults will begin to explore the pleasures of kissing again, this time with a love interest, and this exploration and enjoyment progresses into adulthood. Studies have shown that even middle-aged individuals lock lips on a regular basis, evidence that kissing is indeed a timeless act.


How can we celebrate International Kissing Day? Simply kiss your loved ones and friends at any given and appropriate opportunity! Start your day by giving a good morning kiss around the household, be it your significant other, your parents and family. Greet your friends kindly with a kiss on the cheek or, if youre feeling shy, on the back of their hands. A polite kiss on the cheek or the hand of an acquaintance or co-worker is sufficient, but if youve got other ideas for delivering your smooch, feel free to go ahead! There are many different variations and methods of kissing, so dont be afraid to explore them with those around you.


With lovers, theres nothing better than a long, loving, passionate lip-lock to keep the fire burning. Apart from the scientifically feel-good factor, kissing is also a very important part of a romantic relationship. According to research, kissing is almost like a pre-test to measure up how genetically compatible two beings are, and it will help you decide whether the attraction is strong or not, leaving you to ponder on the possibility of having a good relationship.


Kissing is a natural stress reliever and it enables us to relax. It allows us to escape our busy lives for just a moment and indulge ourselves in an intimate occurrence. The act of lip touching is also a form of non-verbal communication in which lovers can get to know one another at a deeper, more personal, and even spiritual level. Fun and experimental, kissing allows both lovers to explore the depths of one another, to express oneself and to connect with each other. A sensual kiss can also potentially spur arousal. Perhaps, most importantly, kissing helps to keep the relationship strong. The time and effort put into a kiss is significant; so, the deeper or tender and better the kiss, the stronger the relationship would be.


So, dont neglect this aspect of your life. Get out there, make sure you have a lip balm handy, and let your mind, body and soul have a good time. Happy International Kissing Day!

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